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What are people saying about Will?

In the Media:

Will on KIMT news: https://www.kimt.com/news/musician-will-bjorndal-comes-down-to-rochester-public-library-to-sing-for-the-kids/article_fdfa962a-d4fe-11ee-ae4e-8fcde1777c02.html
Will in Austin Living magazine: https://www.austindailyherald.com/2023/10/austin-living-song-of-the-rutabaga/
Will on KUTX’s Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child: https://sparetherock.com/wordpress/playlist/2023-09-03-playlist-stream/

Library Staff Feedback:

“Will was great!  He was a lot of fun!” - Library Staff

“Will was very entertaining and easily connected with the kids through his love of music.  All of his songs had some kind of audience participation to keep the kids engaged and interested. I would love to do this program at a park next time so there is even more room to move and groove.” - Library Staff

“It was fantastic that Will brought his own sound equipment.” - Library Staff

“The program was great! Will arrived early to set up and prep before the show, and as kids were arriving he interacted with them and got them hyped for the show. The show itself was wonderful, the kids were up and moving, repeating after Will, and overall seemed to have a great time! Will was a pleasure to work with- kind, courteous, helpful, and entertaining!” - Library Staff

“The program went really well. Will was easy to work with, flexible with plans, and responsive to emails. He knows how to engage the audience and get people up and moving - even the adults. This program was so fun!” - Library Staff

“No problems at any point along the way.  Nice guy!” - Library Staff

“It was such a fun program. We had both kids and programs with people with disabilities come and they were all dancing and moving. Will did a great job with all age groups. Definitely a program to do again!” - Library Staff

“Wonderful! Will is very easy to work with, flexible, answers emails in a timely manner, easy going, engaging.” - Library Staff

Audience member feedback:

“Great for a variety of ages.”

“Very fun! Love that Will included us in the songs”

“Great program!”

“it was great - kids were involved”

“We really enjoyed the program today”

“"Loved the songs and its kid centered entertainment"

"Loved this program today!" 

“the music was very fun and engaging for everyone, and the energy was nice!”

“his music was engaging and fun for all ages’

“This was a wonderful event!”

“Will was great!”

“Will's energy and willingness to act goofy.”

“Engaging for kids”

“funny and unique program which usually doesn't happen in our town” 

“Very positive”

“Made the kids laugh and interact with each other”

“It was exceptional”

“Very thankful to be able to share such a positive program with my 24 students”